Summer of Swiping

Living life in Festival Mode.

The background

Tinder wanted to change the way Gen Z’ers saw the brand and set out to leverage two music festivals in Beyond the Valley and Festival X. The aim was to show that Tinder helps you unlock unique co-experiences.

The nuts and bolts

Our strategy was to reward those who were part of the Tinder Tribe whilst driving envy amongst non-users, with experiences, signage and activations that they could instantly be part of, so they could see what all the fuss was about.

At Festival X, running over three consecutive days in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, we created a unique brand experience, The Tinder Tower.  Spanning 40ft above the ground, we provided lucky competition winners with the best view of the main stage. Thousands of other festival-goers with the in-app feature were rewarded with Tinder VIP fast lanes that meant people could spend more time dancing and less time waiting.

At Beyond the Valley, we created the Tinder Beach Club – an exclusive space that could only be accessed with Tinder. The space was fitted with a Tinder DJ container that hosted our all-day DJ line-up. Festival-goers with the in-app feature could access their own private pool, bar, merch and on the last night an exclusive set from headliner Hayden James!

We conducted a three-stage quantitative research study to isolate our festival impact and prove its effectiveness.

Amongst Tinder users we achieved our aim with a:

  • 12% decrease in ‘Tinder is for hook ups’
  • 8% increase in ‘Tinder introduces me to cool experiences’.

But what made us even happier was that we shifted the dial even more for those who don’t use Tinder with a:

  • 24% decrease in ‘Tinder is for hook ups’,
  • 19% increase in ‘Tinder introduces me to cool experiences’
  • 31% increase in intention to use Tinder within next three months.


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