Sydney Airport:

SYD in Sand

A landing like no other.

The background

Sydney Airport wanted to welcome international guests to Sydney by bringing to life their new ‘SYD’ brand with a Christmas Summer installation.

The nuts and bolts

To show those arriving the beauty of Sydney, we created a Christmas and Summer wonderland made out of sand depicting the things that make Sydney, well SYD.

The sand sculpture first showcased a Christmas theme with a sandy Santa in boardies, riding a slay with reindeers on surfboards, which was then transformed into what summer in Sydney is all about with the iconic Harbour Bridge and Centre Point Tower.  To further extend the welcome, we partnered with Gelato Messina to create bespoke Christmas and Summer flavours.

So as not to leave out those arriving into Sydney via the domestic terminal we brought together a special Santa crew to bring Christmas cheer with carolers handing out chocolate.


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