Sunglass Hut:

Face The Sun Sessions

Different sunnies for different occasions.

The background

Why is it that you often have a different pair of shoes for every occasion, but not necessarily a different pair of sunnies? We wanted to demonstrate the various occasions that different sunglasses from Sunglass Hut belong in.

The nuts and bolts

Across two weeks of activity, we created and curated a number of unique experiences for Aussies by Sunglass Hut that could be purchased online, via Eventbrite and promoted by Concrete Playground.

Whether you were indulging, raving, exploring or relaxing, there was an experience and pair of sunnies to match.

Aussies could choose whether they felt like;

    • Indulging with a luxe camping experience paired with horse riding and wine tasting in Mudgee
    • Raving at an epic rooftop experience with music superstars GRAACE and Tori Levett in Melbourne
    • Relaxing at a bohemian beachside soiree on Sydney’s Northshore with massages and cocktails or
    • Exploring Bondi Beach through a sunrise or sunset photography masterclass with Iconic Australian photographer Eugene Tan (Aquabumps).

Those who purchased a ticket would also get the perfect pair of sunnies to match the session, so they could #FaceTheSun in style.


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