The Pukka Plantarium

A pay-by-planting experience.

The background

Pukka wanted to make the brand famous amongst millennials by getting samples in hand in a unique and interesting way. But to do this, we needed to create an idea that would elevate Pukka’s key USP in that Pukka is made with medicinal-grade herbs. We therefore wanted to re-connect Australians back to the power of plants by reminding people just how powerful they can be.

The nuts and bolts

We created the Pukka Plantarium, a pop-up tea café that invited people to have a free cuppa with only one way to pay for it; by taking a packet of seeds and making a pledge to plant them. Inside our urban oasis, we got people talking about the power of plants, drinking Pukka’s delicious range of teas and motivated them to plant the seeds they were given with some wellness wisdom from Lola Berry, Plant Proof and The Herb Nerd. Centred around the campaign was an integrated earned and paid approach across content, earned, social and digital channels. The results spoke for themselves. 70,000 samples delivered, 9,000 seed packs distributed and 52 pieces of media coverage with over 15 million opportunities to see.


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