Golden Circle:

The Queenslander

Igniting the Pineapple Pizza debate.

The background

Golden Circle wanted to create a meaningful act around World Pineapple Day that would remind people that Golden Circle is proudly Queensland-born. They wanted to create something that would get people talking about pineapples, whilst still being relevant and meaningful for the media. Tough ask, right? We saw both a brand and business opportunity to drive the association with pizza and pineapple. And we knew that it was a contentious topic. So we decided to add fuel to the fire.  

The nuts and bolts

We engaged a QLD-based pizzeria to take its Hawaiian pizza off the menu to make way for our brand new creation, The Queenslander. Our pizza was a pizza with pineapple four ways; grilled, deep fried, syrup and fresh pieces, alongside a raft of complementing ingredients of jalapeno, sea salt, smoked paprika and pecorino cheese.

We started by creating an introductory content piece and seeded it with the media. From there, things took off. The story secured 16 pieces of coverage, including a four-minute segment from Sunrise. We knew this brand act would get tongues wagging and people talking. With no paid media, the primary coverage video reached hundreds of thousands whilst the story in itself was syndicated across the entire News Corp network. Delicious or deliciously controversial? We’ll let you decide.



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