Contiki: Legends

Bringing a European Contiki Summer to Sydney

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The Background
Contiki connects people to the time of their lives with unforgettable experiences and lifelong memories. Each year, they host a night of nights for their travel agents that live and breathe the Contiki brand.

The Nuts and Bolts
We wanted our guests to experience the goosebumps you get from travelling in a group. We transported people into different worlds, reimagining what travelling is like, with Contiki. We reminded people that the best memories and moments come from travelling together.  Instead of inviting people to Contiki Legends, we invited people to do legendary things. An event where every experience was best shared with others.

Guests could indulge in a:
MUNICH BIERGARTEN: A pedal-powered German-inspired beer garden complete with a tasty buttered pretzel.

TAPAS TRAIN: A Tapas bar presented on a custom-built train track, to share that Contiki were now doing train trips to Barcelona.

NONNA’S TUSCAN FEAST: A communal dining area with real Italian nonnas dishing out pasta that melted in your mouth, straight from wheels of cheese.

BEATLES EXPERIENCE: A live Beatles experience to showcase the Abbey Road moment Contiki goers have.

Sydney Airport: SYD in Sand

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