nudie: Carve up the Good Stuff

Helping nudie be creators of good.

The background

nudie engaged Banter to bring their naming rights sponsorship of the nudie Australian Boardriders Battle to life. We started by finding the sweet spot between the audience’s love of good times and the brand’s commitment to being creators of good. Our sponsorship began with a complete branded takeover of the space including a giant nudie man inflatable, staff all around the site sampling fresh nudie juice and powering the giant nudie hot-air-balloon.

The nuts and bolts

The central piece of our sponsorship takeover was the design and delivery of a bespoke game, Carve up the Good Stuff. It was the very best of ‘phygital’. Two real surfboards tethered to a platform, with sensors built-in ready to be ridden. The surfboards faced a giant LED screen and challenged people to take part in a virtual surfing game with a twist. Surf through the waves and carve up nudie pieces of goodness as you go. After all, nudie carves up good stuff every day with the finest and freshest natural ingredients. The activation was a hit with event goers, delivering strong brand engagement with high dwell time, supported by an extensive sampling and content-led approach.

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