Netflix: Murder Mystery 2

Paris on a whim awaits

The background

Netflix wanted to drive appointment to view on launch day of Murder Mystery 2, an action-packed multi-genre film in which Nick Spitz (Adam Sandler) and Audrey Spitz (Jennifer Aniston) have to take a trip to Paris on a whim, to solve a murder. We thought, what better way to drive appointment to view than to bring the thrill of immediacy to life.

The nuts and bolts

We decided to send one lucky couple to the Paris for the ultimate weekend getaway. The catch - they had to watch the movie on Friday night and then be at Manly Wharf on Saturday morning with their bags packed and passports at the ready.

In the week leading up to the campaign, we launched clues through radio and social for people to answer a mystery question about the colour of a car that is stolen in the film.

On Friday morning, we took over Manly Wharf with a show-stopping activation build featuring a Parisian restaurant set that had been crashed into by a dinged up van adjacent to an Eiffel Tower and a screen with a countdown clock to 6pm (When the film launched). French caricature artists, French music and macarons were on hand to get people turning on Netflix that night to watch.

Astoundingly, more than 40 couples turned up the night before, camping overnight for their chance to go to Paris. Ten couples who had answered the question that was asked earlier in the week correctly went to a final round in which they had to place props from the film in order of their appearance. This was no easy feat and one fit for a detective, just like Nick and Audrey Spitz.

One lucky couple won their way to Paris. A few days earlier, they had a quiet weekend in planned and boom, thanks to Netflix they were off to Paris!

The campaign was a huge success socially, generated a heap of earned media and Murder Mystery 2 topped the charts on launch weekend!

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