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The Selfie Store

A store where the selfie is the only way to pay.

The background

mark., a new make-up brand was launching into Australia and wanted an idea that would engage the hard-to-engage millennial audience. We worked with our sister agency, Humann, to launch The Selfie Store.

 The nuts and bolts

Appearing for one weekend only at Sydney’s lux Westfield Pitt Street, the Selfie Store allowed people to come in, try out the new range and then pay for their purchase with a selfie shared through their own social channels.

Via a custom pop-up build, Banter brought the idea to life focusing the store around three different selfie types inspired by the latest global selfie trends. Over a weekend, we had over 1,000 people turn up to the store to try the new mark. range and take their ultimate selfie. The experience was a huge hit from an earned perspective with targeted coverage across the likes of The Daily Mail, Yahoo!7, MSN and Cosmopolitan.

Activation Snapshot

The first seven years of Banter

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