Furphy: Don't Support The AFLW

A PSA with a hint of Furphy

The Background

Furphy, a major sponsor of four AFLW teams, is passionate about fostering a more inclusive football culture. However, in recent times the AFLW has faced significant criticism and unkindness from the media and many unfortunate internet trolls. Determined to make a difference, we decided to confront this issue head-on.

Nuts and Bolts:

Introducing 'Don't Support the AFLW,' a powerful and thought-provoking PSA featuring unbelievable AFLW players encouraging people to refrain from supporting the game. 

But here's where the magic happened. After each negative comment, we showcased precisely why the AFLW deserves even more recognition.

We juxtaposed these unkind remarks with unbelivable footage from the AFLW that would leave viewers captivated and inspired.

By boldly confronting the critics and showcasing incredible talent, skill, and passion of the AFLW, our PSA shined a spotlight on the league's true worthiness compelling everyone to get out and support the game.

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