Qantas: The WorkPlayce

Bringing WA and the Dreamliner to Melbourne.

The background

Qantas engaged Banter to announce the new Dreamliner in partnership with Tourism Western Australia, whose ambition was to get travellers to fly from Melbourne to WA for a stopover, before flying to London. We launched The WorkPlayce, a pop-up destination immersion in the heart of Federation Square where you could simply choose to experience Work or Play in WA.  

The nuts and bolts

We gave people the option to either book in a session via Eventbrite or turn up on the day to choose to either Work or Play. Work and you would get to experience a new form of ‘remote working’, nestled in nature. Play and you would get taken on a multi-sensory destination journey where you would eat, drink, see, and touch the best of WA. From wine tasting to a VR Whale Shark Swimming Experience, talks from professional travelling photographers, VIP chef experiences and even a live pearl harvesting demonstration, we gave people a true taste of WA. Over three days we engaged a mix of trade, influencers and consumers driving strong coverage and social pick-up with a real-time content approach to maximise interest.


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