Holden: Mardi Cars

Bringing Mardi-Cars to the Mardi Gras.

Car-aoke Content Piece

The background

Holden wanted to leverage their sponsorship of the Mardi Gras to bring their ‘Let’s Go There’ brand platform to life and create a mechanic to foster incidental test drives.

The nuts and bolts

Introducing Mardi-Cars, the creation of a suite of branded Mardi-Gras Holden Astras, ready to offer free rides all around town over Mardi-Gras weekend. It didn’t stop there though. We enlisted the help of some of Australia’s iconic drag queens and iconic personalities to offer a ride like no other.  Once people jumped in, they were taken on a musical journey, with a car-aoke sing-a-long, led by their drag driver. With ten Mardi-Cars on the road throughout Mardi Gras weekend, we were able to make a splash amongst event goers, engage 200 lucky passengers with a surprise karaoke joyride and create a platform for content, PR and social stories.

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