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Spreading joy around Australia.

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The background

Cadbury briefed us to spread joy via a sampling and experience-led approach making the famous Joy Deliveries platform relevant to Australia. Over four weeks, we created a giant Cadbury truck to deliver a series of pop-up experiences delivering un-inhibited joy on-site to more than 90,000 people in Sydney, Melbourne and Newcastle.

The nuts and bolts

We set up an Advent-inspired Christmas Countdown at Sydney’s famous First Fleet Park featuring a giant igloo, falling snow, a 180-degree Mistletoe Kiss camera moment, a virtual Santa Sleigh video moment and loads of Cadbury Advent Calendars. We took the roadshow to Newcastle, to deliver a giant tree that everyone could decorate to bring the new Cadbury Baubles product to life. In Cronulla, we created a sandy wonderland, working with world-famous sand sculptors to create joy-inspired sculptures for a WOW moment supported by a Cadbury-branded ice-cream truck to sample the very best Cadbury Favourites. We ended with a bang by bringing Eurovision sensation, Dami Im, into office blocks, accompanied by an 80 person Cadbury Joy Choir. We then assembled smaller groups of choirs to spread joy around Melbourne, delivering a series of intimate musical performances for Cadbury Dairy Milk Giftbox. The campaign famously reached millions across many channels and most importantly, got product in hand just time for Christmas.

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