Bumble: The Fab Lab

Creating a place scientifically proven to make you happy.

Inside the Fab Lab

The background

Bumble wanted an idea that would get Australia talking to help broaden the brand’s appeal to help people date, meet and network better. We created a place scientifically proven to make you happy, the Bumble Fab Lab.

The nuts and bolts

In a unique brand experience, we took over a quirky house in Chippendale, to create an immersive house experience full of things that had been scientifically proven to make you happier. 1,100 guests smelt fresh flowers, got a dose of gratitude, gave gratitude to those in need, enjoyed a guided breathing exercise in the form of an immersive VR transportation to a beachside haven and tucked into one of two flavours created by Gelato Messina full of ingredients that would generate maximum levels of serotonin. The idea reached millions making headlines across the Hit Network, Daily Telegraph, Mashable, Broadsheet and The Urban List.

The first three years of Banter

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